Company Profile

As its name denotes, the "DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF HERAKLION S.A." (AN.H.) is a development company registered and active in the prefecture of Heraklion, region of Crete. It is governed by K.N. 2190/1920 – Presidential Decree (P.D.) 409/86 – Law 2339/95 concerning Limited Companies (S.As.) and article 46, §.1â, Law.1416/84 as mentioned in article 291, § 1â of Municipal and Community Code in P.D 410/1995.


 Historical Information – Establishment 

  • 1989: the company was established by the Municipality of Archanes and the communities of Kato Archanes, Vassilies, and Skalani. Capital Stock: 6.000.000 Greek Drachmas (GRD).

  • 1993: expanded to 18 Local Self-Governments and 2 Cooperatives. Capital Stock: 12.000.000 GRD.

  • 1997: new expansion with the company counting 14 Municipalities (96,3%) and 3 Cooperatives (3,7%). Capital Stock: 60.000.000 GRD.

  • 2000: new expansion with the inclusion of the remaining municipalities in the Prefecture (County) of Heraklion (80%), Cooperatives and Banks (20%). Capital Stock: 120.000.000 GRD.